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Contact Form 7- How to Handle Problems and Issues

Having a blog on WordPress is one of the most interesting things for people who want to writing about specific topics and sharing their knowledge about those topics. If you think to start your own blog on WordPress, first you need to know about plugins, how to protect your work with them and which plugins are the best.

Know About contact form 7 wordpress plugin – Plugins are tools that have positive function of WordPress and can protect your work and future business.  Plugins can protect your blog and most of them are used for specific needs. There are so many plugins that you can use. For example, Contact Form 7 is one of the most used plugins for WordPress. If you want to manage multiple contact forms, plus customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup, Contact Form 7 is the best plugin for that.

Contact Form 7 plugin is totally free for those who use WordPress and want to protect their blogs. However, WordPress develop something like support program for this plugin and whenever the costumer is satisfied and enjoy using Contact Form 7, WordPress ask the costumer to consider to make a donation.  With this donation, the costumer gives positive feedback to Contact Form 7 plugin and help to encourage the plugins continued development and better user support.

Those who will decide to use this plugin should have basic knowledge of WordPress administration. With this basic knowledge of WordPress administration they can know how to customize their forms and mail more easily and use it better for their future work.

Contact Form 7 Installation

If you install the Contact Form 7 plugin, first step of using it is to find the plugin on the Contact menu on your WordPress administration panel. On that Contact menu you will find it a default form named “Contact form 1” and a special code. When you will copy the code, the next step is to open the edit menu of the page and to find the place where you want to put the contact form. Practice shows that it is always a better option if you create a page named “Contact” which will be for the contact form page and you can paste the code there.

After this step, your contact form is complete and all visitors to your site can find this form and use it to submitting messages to you. The next step for using Contact Form 7 plugin properly and to be satisfied of using it is to see how you can customize your form and mail content.

Adding New Fields

– If you feel that you want to add more fields to the default form you can edit it in the admin screen and add as many fields as you want. So, you want to add more fields but you do not know how. Well, you should not worry for that because the next step is not that complicate like it sounds. First, it is better if you make tags for fields and insert them into the “Form” field. Tags are actually special codes for Contact Form 7 plugin.
Even if a tag has a rather complex syntax, the best news is that you should not have to learn it. You can use the “Generate Tag” tool to generate as many tags as you want. Just remember that the second word in the tag that you will make is its name. This is important, especially later in your mail template.

Customize the Mail Section

– After learn it how to customize a form with this plugin for WordPress, the next step is customizing a mail. In the “Mail” filed you can edit mail templates, almost in the same way like you did with the form templates. Also, you can use a tag even there, but the difference from previous tags is that in a mail template you use only one word in brackets. Besides that you need to be aware that this name is the same as the name of tags from the previous situation with the form tags. The form tags and the mail tags correspond with the same name. The mail tags will be replaced by the user’s input value, so that’s why you need to be careful while creating them in the mail filed.

Sometimes users of this WordPress plugin report errors that usually can harm their work. The most common errors of Contact Form 7 plugin are: do not showing messages that are receive or send, failed to send your message, do not showing contact form in the field, problems with file upload and file attachment in the message, etc.

Mail not Received Problem

– Do not showing messages that are receive or send is one of the most common errors. Users of Contact Form 7 plugin searching help and solutions for how to fix this error. Probably, the following error with sending or receiving messages is because of not filed some certain fields in the form or mail fields, the hosting is wrongly configured; fields might be in the wrong values, etc. If you manage to find the reason of this error, it is for sure that you will find the way to fix this and continue of using this great plugin for WordPress. Some of the solutions for how to fix this error and to show your messages again are to be sure that you run the latest version of Contact form 7. Also, you need to try running the default contact form without changing any markup. If you still do not have positive results and still have problems with this error, you should contact someone who has more knowledge about this plugin or had the same problem and can help you from experience.

The error of uploading files and files attachment in the message can be also fix if you are careful with creating the tags. Also, you need to know how to upload files and how to attach files which will help you to not have the problem of file upload and file attachment. For more information about this error which is not that often or some other, you can always check FAQ and the documentation.

Contact Form 7 Plugin Documentation- The FAQ and the documentation are great way to find answers of all your questions related to Contact Form 7 plugin. Most of the questions there already have answers that you need. Sometimes you can even find more than one answer which could be helpful for your problem. Besides that in addition, you can find a great CF7 documentation that will help you to solve all doubts that you have for this plugin.

WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin Support – Also, beside this solution, there is a support forum where you will find answers to all your questions on the FAQ and usually answers are given from users of Contact Form 7 plugin. Using this support forum on WordPress can be your solution for all issues that you have with the plugin. You can post even a new topic on the support forum, if you find some other error, solution, or just something that you want to share with others about Contact Form 7 plugin.

This is a free support forum and sometimes maybe you will not receive an answer just because no one is obligated to help you. People are answering and helping others just because they want, not because they need. So, before using this support forum on WordPress is better to read the “Forum Rules” for not understand wrong some of the attitude of users.

Also, if you need to find something useful connected to Contact Form 7 or need a professional answer for your problem, you can always use a WordPress Professional Support Service. This professional support service is actually paid support for helping you with problems that you have related to Contact form 7 plugin. Here you can always receive a fast or more reliable answer.

According to users, Contact Form 7 is a really great plugin for WordPress. Many feedbacks from users show that this plugin is one of the best for emails and file upload forms. Besides that for installing and using Contact Form 7 is not necessary to have some big knowledge and experience in using plugins or other programming things. The steps are simple and you need just some basic knowledge of WordPress administration.

Benefits for CF7 – Using this plugin for WordPress can really save a big amount of money and can save your time of developing and thinking about the best solution for protecting your emails. Feedbacks show that Contact Form 7 plugin is a really needed plugin for a custom solution. Even if this plugin sometimes can have some problems and errors, still is one of the best plugins for WordPress. Contact Form 7 has also many upgrades that growing the quality and flexibility of this plugin.

For those who do not know how to use some specific things of the Contact Form 7 plugin there is also a guide where you will read about introduction of this plugin for WordPress and also read all necessary steps that you need to learn for Contact Form 7 plugin.

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Having a blog on WordPress is one of the most interesting things for people who want to writing about specific topics and sharing their knowledge about those topics. If you think to start your own blog on WordPress, first you need to know about plugins, how to protect your work with them and which plugins …

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Contact Form 7 Problems and Issues
Contact Form 7 Problems and Issues
Contact Form 7 Problems and Issues

Contact Form 7 Problems and Issues


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