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Fatal Error Allowed Memory Size Of 1234567 Bytes Exhausted

WordPress is the largest software on the Internet that will help you to increase your business and be really successful in the future. However, because it is a software sometimes you can face with some wordpress errors that required some knowledge for how to fix those wordpress errors.

One of the wordpress errors that you can face while using this software is Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size Of 1234567 Bytes Exhausted. So, what this wordpress error mean and how to fix it easy and fast.

Fatal Error Allowed Memory Size Of 1234567 Bytes Exhausted usually is showing during a routine update to a wordpress site. For many users of wordpress this error is a scary stuff but there is no need to panic. Fortunately, there is a solution for this wordpress error. When you will see this wordpress error, do not start disabling plugins and hacking code. Just follow some useful steps and you will fix the problem as soon as possible.

While following the steps for solving this wordpress error, be sure that you are following them one step by one. For solving this problem, the first thing that you need to do is to look at the “wp-settings.php” file that is located in your root directory.  You will see some code that will be written that the memory limit is from 32M to 64M. When you will see this code, all you have to do till here is to upload the file to your server and attempt the update again.

However, there are situations that you cannot see a memory limit in your “wp-settings.php” or “wp-config.php” files. Also, there are rare cases where even if you change it the file it will not work, so you will need to look at your “php.ini” file.

So, in this case, again you will change the memory limit from 32M to 64M. Also, again you will upload the file to your server and reattempt the update. Beside these cases, also sometimes the memory limit has been known to reside in the .htaccess file. This file is located in the root install directory. If you see a code where it is showing that the memory limit is 32M, you should change it to 64M.

After doing all these steps for fixing the Fatal Error Allowed Memory Size Of 1234567 Bytes Exhausted you need to be sure to backup all your files before making any kind of changes. If you do not have some basic knowledge for server functions and php, that can lead to a really bad things that can harm your work and your future success. However, if you follow all these steps for fixing this wordpress error and having the necessary knowledge you will fix this problem really soon and easy.

All these stpes and advices have positive reviews from people that try them in the situations when they face with Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size Of 1234567 Bytes Exhausted wordpress error. Also, there are many users of wordpress that have experience with this wordpress error and even have some other advices and solution for this situation. So, there is no space for panis and be afraid that you will lose important things connect with your business. Just keep calm, follow these steps and you will solve the problem.

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One comment

  1. Hi guys,

    I had the same fatal memory error you do, i found a possible solution.

    As others have noted, removing plugins helps but doesn’t fix the problem. That’s because the problem is something else.

    In my case (and someone else I saw online) the problem was caused by an entry in the theme settings. One of the text entries was getting a whole bunch of //////’s added to the text entry every time the page was saved. When I got the memory error, the entry had gone from “This is where my studio is” to “This is//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// where my studio is” but with about a thousand slashes!

    I suggest that anyone having the memory problem look through their text entries in theme settings for a similar problem. Not sure what causes it but sure glad to know how to fix it.

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