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Internal Server Error in WordPress

If you have a blog or a website on wordpress, probably in some moments you received the wordpress error message known as Internal Server Error. People usually are afraid that they can lose all data that they have on their website. But, there is no space for panic, this Internal Server Error in wordpress can be fixed in several steps.

First, if this will happen while you are working on your website on wordpress, you can still access non wordpress pages on your site and you can see that the website is unusable. Also, in this situation you cannot even access to the wordpress admin area. If you face with an Internal Server Error in wordpress, you will receive a message that the server was unable to complete your request.

This is usually a simple .htaccess problem that will not harm your work and can be solved easily. According to a research, this is happening in 9 of 10 situations for those who use wordpress. There are many reasons that can make the .htaccess file corrupt. All you have to do in these kinds of situations is to correct your .htaccess file following several steps and after that you can see your site on wordpress again.

So, first that you need to do is to read the message that is showing after having an Internal Server Error. After that, you should back up your current .htaccess file and then delete all of the information from this file. You should save this file as a blank .htaccess file. After doing these first steps, your blog or website on wordpress should be usable again and after that you should set your permalink structure again in the admin area.

When you will open your new working .htaccess file in an editor, you need to copy over all the non wordpress .htaccess information that is from your old backed up .htaccess file. For example, here you can find any search engine .htaccess information and basically everything that is non wordpress and added by you before showing an Internal Server Error in wordpress.

In some situations, if you start adding all the code from previous .htaccess file to the new one, the Internal Server Error in wordpress can show it again. In those situations, you should remove it all and enter the information back to the working .htaccess file line by line. In that way you will have better view what is causing the problem and you will know where to fix it.

If you suddenly get this Internal Server Error in wordpress, these steps are first that you need to do if you want to fix the problem and continue with the work as soon as possible. However, you need to be aware that sometimes in some cases, these steps might not resolve the Internal Server Error. If this happen in your situation, after trying these steps to solve the problem, you should contact your host which can give you some other alternative solution about this wordpress error.

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