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White Screen of Death WordPress

As you know, wordpress sometimes has some errors that can scare customers and cause some panic. However, if you use wordpress to increase your business you need to know that every wordpress error can be fixed. In many cases, customers of wordpress are panic when they will see the White Screen of Death wordpress error.

This wordpress error is on the list of most common wordpress errors that appears. So, the main questions are what exactly is this wordpress error and how to fix it?

The White Screen of Death is a wordpress error that appears as a white screen, a totally blank screen without any information. So, what are the most commen reasons for this error?
First, one reason of this wordpress is a plugin that is causing compatibility issues. How to fix this? You can access to the Administration Screens and try deactivating all of your plugins and after that just reactivating them one by one. There are possibilities that you cannot access to your Screens. If this will happen than you can log in to your website via FTP. After that you should locate the folder wp-content/plugins and rename the Plugin folder plugins_old. With this step you will deactivate all of your plugins and the problem with the White Screen of Death will be solve.

Second reason for this wordpress error could be your theme that may be causing this problem. This could be a reason after you have activated a new Theme. To fix this problem with the White Screen of Death you should log in to the wordpress administration screens and activate the death Word Press Twenty Twelve Theme. If you face with some problems with this action, you can still access by usuing your website via FTP and navigate to the /wp-content/themes/folder. After this you should rename your folder in Theme and the problem will be fixed.

For fixing the problem with the White Screen of Death wordpress error there are some other methods that you can use. Sometimes none of the previous solutions will not work so in those cases you need to use other methods and solutions. For example, you can try to re-install a fresh copy of wordpress. Sometimes even it is unlikely, but could be possible that a core file may have been corrupted so in these cases it is recommended to re-install a fresh new wordpress.
Beside this solution, you can use the wordpress debug function just to check and see what type of error are being outputted. Also, if you have a White Screen of Death for a long post page, in this case you should try to clearing cache.

Many of these solutions are really helpful for people that using word-press to increase there business and be successful in the future. So, if you are one of them and if you are facing with the White Screen of Death word press error, just follow these solutions and soon you will fix the problem.

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