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Google Maps Extractor

Google Maps Extractor

Google Maps Extractor is a miscellaneous php script

Created by morettolss .

Google Maps Extractor cost is $16.
This PHP Script is uploaded on 2015-01-30 and latest updated on 2015-01-30.
This is sold 65 times.

Google Maps Extractor is posted under addres, business information, data extractor, google maps extractor

A simple tool to get results from Google Maps from it’s API, list name, address and coordinate (latitude and longitude) for a query (eg “hotel new york”, “plumber in canvas”, “web agency mexico, …”). You can easly search any service from this simple tool and get his address. Limitation Do to a Google Maps limitation API you can only get first 60 result. Only 1000 results a day with the free version. Requirement A PHP server file_get_contents (allow_url_fopens set to yes) A Google Maps API Key (free) How it works Insert the search query (for example): • hotel new yourk • plumber new york • web agency new york and the number of page, each page is 20 results, max 3 page.,

Google Maps Extractor Demo

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