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jFile Storage and Management

jFile Storage and Management

jFile Storage and Management is a loaders-and-uploaders php script

Created by appsandsites .

jFile Storage and Management cost is $11.
This PHP Script is uploaded on 2012-10-28 and latest updated on 2012-10-28.
This is sold 64 times.

jFile Storage and Management is posted under copy, delete, download, file management, file upload, move, php, quota, rename, script, storage, user

jFile Storage and Management is intended to help web masters and developers to offer storage place and file management tool for their user base. This web app can be used by multiple users simply defining a unique user ID for each user at initialization or as single user “all files available to all” basis. Users can upload any file type and you can set the quota of available space for them. The file upload process features a multiple upload interface making it easier to use. Once files are uploaded the management tool includes copy/move/delete/rename/download features for single files/folders or a selection of these. Features Easy installation Just a few lines of code and you are ready to go No page refresh required Everything is done with AJAX requests Multiple file upload Select multiple files at once and upload them simultaneously Unlimited folder/nesting level Create New folders with one click User friendly interface Interaction with each file separately through a drop down menu or multiple item selection,

jFile Storage and Management Demo

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