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phpGameTracker – Game Servers Statistics

phpGameTracker – Game Servers Statistics

phpGameTracker – Game Servers Statistics is a miscellaneous php script

Created by EVOScripts .

phpGameTracker – Game Servers Statistics cost is $25.
This PHP Script is uploaded on 2016-02-22 and latest updated on 2018-07-09.
This is sold 110 times.

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phpGameTracker is the most complete platform for tracking games servers. It was built with the latest version of CodeIgniter framework and the newest requirements for PHP / CSS / HTML & MySQLi. Because it was built with a framework, you can easily modify whatever you want and moreover, you can administrate the entire platform. This script has protection against XSS & SQL Injection Note: We recommend you to read CodeIgniter documentation before asking questions. 38 games trackedVIP System – For servers, with different prices and packsVoting System – Built with AjaxLive Players – List of players LIVEAdd server instant – Query for new server is live and if server looks fine, it’s added instantlyNo account needed – You don’t need an account to add servers !Unlimited servers – You can add as many servers as you want !Ads System – Ads are displayed randomDynamic search for servers – List of servers updates after every letter you typeAdmin Panel – All you need you found in Admin PanelMultilanguage System – Add/Delete/Edit your languagesDynamic banners for every server – Use our free banners to make your server public ! You can customize them !Social Bar – Add your Facebook/Twiiter/Vk PageComment System – Give a review to each serverand many more… PHP >= 5.6 MySQLi driver .htacces module activated fsockopen available (allow_url_fopen activated) Cron Jobs / Scheduler service UDP Ports enabled (to query games) Version 3.2: – Fixed PayPal gateway – Fixed bug when you were trying to remove VIP from a specific server – Fixed bug when you were trying to update server using an empty description – ARMA protocol has been fixed – Fixed bug when you were trying to add a TeamSpeak server without query port (custom message added) – Fixed bug “A non well formatted value encountered” from players list – Updated Codeigniter version to 3.1.9 – Updated GameQ library version to 3.0.14 – Database charset has been updated to utf8mb4_unicode_ci – No message was showed when you were trying to authenticate with bad credentials – “Server is offline!” message is now more verbose – VIP servers are shown first on “/servers” page Version 3.1: – Fixed votes (loading error) – Fixed claim page – Fixed “Remove VIP” function from Admin Panel – Fixed Ads (they are now disabled from start) – Fixed Conan Exiles query – Fixed Paypal gateway – Added number_format to number of servers (Search page) – CodeIgniter updated to 3.1.5 – GameQ library updated to 3.0.11 – Query port available for all games now – NEW! Plesk support. Version 3.0: – Search System improved (now it’s x25 faster than previous system) – You can write captcha with numpad too – Fixed IF function when query servers – Delete all non UTF-8 characters from hostname / map name for banners (to avoid [] characters) – Added Space Engineers & Medieval Engineers – SEO optimized – Banners are loading faster – Added Contact Page – Few design fixes,

phpGameTracker – Game Servers Statistics Demo

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